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Metro Acoustic – Live at Metropolis Studios

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Metro Acoustic to perform over at their acoustic night promoting unsigned singer songwriters and bands.

To me it was a great experience, knowing that in the large halls of the building my idols have recorded their songs – Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson are just a couple to mention.

I was performing a set of my original songs, including the acoustic premieres of my upcoming singles. It was truly special to me to sing these songs for the first time in a place of such musical history importance. One of them is Destiny, which video you can watch below.


FullSizeRender (15)

Many thanks to Yasmin Mirdamad, who took the video and photos – being a great saxophone player and musician herself.


Fascinator – Hania Huzarska

Jacket – Simple

Skirt – Lazy Oafs

Sandals – Topshop

Cover, London, Music, Performance

Video – acoustic cover of Sam Smith hit

Each of us has those moments of falling in love with a song instantly.

That was my case when ‘Lay Me Down’ came out as a single, before Sam Smith’s album debut was released. I remember that I haven’t felt the affiliation with the melody ; it doesn’t happen often with new releases.

About year and a half later this song became a top chart hit.

I am so happy for Sam Smith’s huge success and he is my great inspiration. I feel a great connection with his melodies and I like to say his songs remind me a bit of my own – therefore I felt like my first published cover had to be a tribute to his music.

You can also listen to my performance on Soundcloud:

The last couple of months have been extremely busy, including the shoot of my music video for upcoming video, EP photoshoot, some animations, songwriting. I am thrilled to release it all in right timing – stay connected!

Feel welcome to share the video below the link and spread the word!

Have a great week ! 🙂