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How to style a silver dress and champagne

Although I understand the concept behind the dry January, I am one of those who boycott social, season commitments.

It may be due to the addiction; but not the one you may think of. It is the addiction to sparkle and shine! And, that doesn’t need to involve alcoholic drinks.

Since January is claimed to be the most depressing year of the month, it is only because it will freshly expose you to a fresh start of the year and possibly some deep conversations from within. It is the time when we confront and reevaluate our path(I get it, that detoxing from alcoholic may actually be a good idea at that point in same cases…) However, the other extreme is to me like running into another opposite, which may not be entirely healthy either.

I think it is all about balance. I don’t like sudden commitments, especially dictated by society. Choose, what goes in flow with inner you.

And once the month is over… was it all about the physical detox or detox of the mind?

Photographs of Adriana Kraft in and around Kings Cross St Pancras

I do enjoy the shine that is still so available this winter season; even after NYE party. And because I have been obsessed with the sparkly Kendal Jenner inspired silver dress, I couldn’t resist to this gorgeous dress from Poster Girl. Wear it on your own and don’t be surprised when you will be the centre of attention…

I am practical though (hello winter in London) and if you want to have that glamour but remain a comfortable and not ‘too flashy’, tone it down with a velvet, bottle green blazer. Combining it with high knee boots instead of stilettos will make you look less formal. Also adding a faux fur coat will keep the spirit of glamour; just make sure it’s of darker color if you want to look classy.

With this combination you will keep the super-sexy chic look and be ready to rock both a sophisticated and semi-casual event!

Happy new year… and don’t be dry 😉

Photographs of Adriana Kraft in and around Kings Cross St Pancras

Photography: Paul Damien Hammond

Champagne Bar: Searcys St Pancrass

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    Love all of the shine!

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    I loved the pictures !, love the dress with that coat looks spectacular!!

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